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-203P valve

The valve is intended for systems of automatic adjustment of liquid flow in mail pipeline depending on control commands of remote control of production processes.

Workspace - oil products, inhibitor, deposit waters.

Actuating Mechanism includes: two membrane pneumatic control valves, rotating mechanism and flap. Signaling device of threshold level is set in level chamber.

Main specifications
Designation Value
Internal diameter dy, mm 40
Operating fluid temperature, °С from minus 30 to 80
Ambient air temperature, °С from minus 30 to 50
Relative ambient air humidity throughout the whole range of temperatures, % 30...98
Ambient air pollution class according to GOST 17433-80 5
Air pressure in the system of valve control, kgf/сm2 51
Maximum operating medium pressure in the main pipeline, kgf/cm2, max 160
Leakproofness of the gate according to GOST 9544 -93
Weight, kg, max. 45
Connection type Flanged, under lens seal
Service life time before retirement, years, min. 5
Mean life before retirement, cycles, min. 5 000
Mean-time-between-failures, cycles, min. 1600
Mean life before the first failure, cycles, min. 1700
Mean recovery time, hours, max. 12


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