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Gas odorization system "Odotronic"

Gas odorization system ODOTRONIC is used as a part of gas distributing stations (GDS) of main pipelines and is intended for dosed injection of odour into the natural gas, which is supplied to the consumer.

Gas odorization system includes: odour block, odour capacity tank, monitoring and control unit, set of installation parts and connection cables. The system of gas odouring can be in one of three modes: operating, filling of feeder tank and removal of deposit from feeder tank. Change of modes is made with vents. Principle of operation is dosed injection of odour by electromagnetic valve of the odouring block under the influence of excessive gas pressure, created with the help of control unit and adjustment of pressure in the feeder tank.

The valve is operated by signals from the monitoring and control unit, and flow of odour is determined by the frequency of pulses of valve actuation and duration of a pulse. The valve can be installed directly to the pipeline. Necessary for providing the selected concentration, flow of odour is calculated by the monitoring and control unit at injection into it by hand or automatically the information about gas flow in pipeline.

All information about odour flow in the current period or for the report period is stored in the memory of monitoring and control unit and can be shown on the display or on monitor of operators computer.

Transportation of the system of gas odouring is made by railway, car or by air.

Optionally, to the volume of supply is included the odour capacity tank of 4 modifications, which differ in capacity: from 16 dm3 t 96 dm3. The company has a right and performs installation and commissioning at the place of operation. Operation of the complex if supported by the maintenance department of the company.

Apply international standards ANSI, API, ASME, DIN, ISO, GOST, DSTU.

Main technical data
Flow of odour gas depending on the design styles, thousd. m3/h: 0,05-50; 50-300; 300-500
Working pressure of odouring gas, МPа (kgf/cm)3/24 h 0,1-1,2(1-12)
Automatically provided concentration of odour in gas, gr/thous.m3 5-16 (average 10,5)
Accuracy of odouring, %, not worse
Productivity as per odour, gr/h: 0,25-800; 250-4800
Power-supply source:
- main – AC supply
- standby – battery

220 V, 501 Hz;
24-27 V
Level of protection of electrical equipment (code of implosion protection – «explosion-proof enclosure») Corresponding to zone 2 as per DNAoP 0.00-1.32-01
Ambient medium temperature, ºC -40 +50


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