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UPGM22025 complex gas treatment plant performed as modular factory-assembled units for gas and oil and gas fields with production capacity of 500-1500 thousd. m3/24 h

The plant is designed for gas processing before its transfer to different consumers as well as for production of stable condensate according to the low-temperature separation diagram with usage of cold at the expense of throttle effect.

The plant can be used for gas supply to both local consumers (municipal, agricultural and industrial establishments of inhabited locality within the radius of 50 km) and a main gas pipeline. The plant is performed as factory-assembled units and is remarkable for its mobility, compactness and simplicity of the structure. It is equipped with automatic control, regulation and protection systems based on a specialized microprocessor controller.

The plant is fit for operation in moderate macroclimate regions with U1 climatic performance and 1 category of location according to GOST 15150-69.

Block transportation of UPGM22025 plant may be rail, motor and water transport.

Apply international standards ANSI, API, ASME, DIN, ISO, GOST, DSTU.

We offer the supply of the following complete set:
1. Filling units
2. Heat exchangers units
3. BS-1 INLET separators units
4. Low-temperature separators units
5. BZU-U1 metering assembly units
6. Disconnect BOU-16-280-103UG devices units from 1 to 15 wells
7. Metering separator units
8. BNI-520-16U1 inhibitor pumping unit
9. Pumped supplies of condensate and waste methanol, deposit water and condensate
10. Pumped supplies of heat carriers
11. Methanol storing tanks units
12. Units of industrial wastewater collection and degassing tanks
13. Turbine expander with a compressor or a generator

* - the complete set of the supply may alter depending on the Clients requirements


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