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After-sales service

Basing on the long experience, along with the supply of the equipment of Turbogaz PJSC renders services of patronage surveillance for performance of construction-installation works, commissioning, training of the servicing personnel, as well as performs guarantee and post guarantee after-sales service. Performance of the whole complex of works in this direction is made by special department of assembly, commissioning works and servicing.

Important factor, which influences effectiveness of work of equipment, is timely and quality performance of technical servicing and repairs one of the most important tasks, on solving of which directly depends reliability of its work. At Turbogaz PJSC was developed the track and equipment servicing system, which provided guarantee servicing during 1 year after introduction of the plant in operation. Providing of correct operation in this period creates necessary preconditions for fail-safe work of equipment during all service life. That is why at this period specialists of the joint stock company pay special attention to control for following the modes of operation of the unit and performance of regular instructions of the servicing personnel. During the guarantee period the Customer has a right for free of charge technical servicing, as well as obtaining of qualified consultations.


After termination of a guarantee period, post-warranty servicing and if necessary, supply of spare parts is provided by a separate Contract. In constructions by Turbogaz PJSC turbine expanders is used the assembly-node way of design of units, that allows providing quick and easy disassembly for large nods and components, as well as replace separate nods and parts.

Aimed to provide more quality rendering of services and organize close cooperation with customers. In 2006 Turbogaz PJSC opened representative office in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Turbogaz PJSC performs individual training of the servicing personnel directly on site in the process of commissioning, that allows reducing time for mastering of this type of techniques and reducing possibility of unauthorized activities at operation of the unit, which can cause its malfunction. Learning of structure and mode of operation of automatic control system, execution of skills of operation in the modes of debugging automatic control system, execution of startup and shutdown modes of the unit taking into consideration the peculiarities of technology are also vitally important for training, with the following issue of a certificate.

Approach, which Turbogaz PJSC uses in its work organizing a system of accompaniment and servicing of units, is directed for reduction of terms of implementation of the supplied equipment, providing reliable and trouble-free operation of the equipment during the whole period of its operation and, as a result, increase of the Customers profit.

Optional services

1.Technical assistance operations (telephone consultation) 24/7

Tel.:+38067 546 59 06;

Tel.:+38067 540 32 14;

Tel.:+38057 715 20 83.

2.Services for diagnostics and expert analysis for discovery a reason of equipment emergency shut-down.

3.Order of spare parts for post-warranty maintenance.


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